Free Returns

After receiving the item, the buyer must cancel the purchase within 10 days, the shipping costs of returned items in case of dissatisfaction or subjective causes will be paid by the buyer; In cases such as damaged, altered etc, you will have to reach an agreement between the seller and the buyer for a better understanding.

The seller guarantees the conformity of the supplied products; With the product conformity term it is understood that they correspond to the quality, quantity and type of goods stipulated in the contract and are free from defects that may render them unsuitable for the intended use. The warranty for defects is limited to defects in the products resulting from defects in design, material or construction attributable to the seller and does not apply if the buyer does not feel that he or she has maintained the goods properly and has not changed them Without the consent of the seller. The seller does not respond to product defects due to the normal wear of those parts which, by their nature, are subject to rapid and continuous wear.

You can create a return request directly from your customer account.